My name's Mandy Hamerla and I'm an experienced and qualified HR Director, supporting small businesses with 2 to 300 employees


Need some HR Advice? 

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This service is for anyone in need of pay-as-you-go HR Advice, but especially:


Small Business Owners

You manage a small team, but you don't have any dedicated HR Support and need some help

Operations & Office Managers

In your role, you're responsible for HR operations or admin, but you're not an HR expert

International HR Professionals

You are expanding in the UK, but need some advice on UK HR process or employment law



As an experienced HR Professional, I've dealt with a lot of tricky employee issues.

Here's some examples of topics I can advise on: 

  • Recruitment

    I can help with hiring strategies to attract great people and interviewing techniques  

  • Disciplinary

    I can help you manage a disciplinary hearing from start to end, including dismissals

  • Sickness Absence

    Got someone with persistent sickness patterns or been off for weeks? I can advise on what to do. 

  • Redundancy

    Need to reduce the cost of your workforce? I can help you with the end to end redundancy process?

  • Grievances

    Has an employee made a formal complaint? I can help you manage this from start to end. 

  • AWOL Employees

    Has an employee gone missing i.e. not turning up for work without letting you know? I can advise on this. 

  • Poor Performance

    Struggling with someone who's not performing, lazy or got a bad attitude? I can help you with this. 

  • Maternity 

    Got a pregnant employee and not sure what you need to do? I can assist on this and maternity leave. 

  • Flexible Working

    Got a flexible working request? I can advise on how to manage this and your options. 



  • 1. Choose your package


    Choose one of my Virtual HR Advice packages below, where you can purchase is 1 hour, 3 hours or 7 hours. Any time you purchase can be used within a 12-month period, (so can be used via multiple calls). 


  • 2. Book Online


    Then, you you can choose a date and time that's most convenient for you via my online calendar.  I'll ask you for some information on what you want to talk about to help me prepare. You'll also pay for this online. 


  • 3. We solve your problem


    During our call(s), we'll talk through the problem you're facing. I'll provide advice and support, including the  options available to help you get the desired outcome, so you are clear and comfortable with the approach.  




 I really needed some support with staffing and managing challenging situations, Mandy made the process clear, calm and professional, she is incredibly skilled at what she does.  


If you are looking for help with ANYTHING to do with HR, staffing or hiring someone I would 100% recommend Mandy. It made such an impact on my business to have her as a professional guiding me through a process to find a resolution.  


It can be hard running a business on your own and having HR support on your side is not always the first investment you think of but working with Mandy is worth every penny".


Jessica Rose

London Jewellery School

"Initially I thought it was a bit expensive for HR advice. But, having read some horror stories of people who didn't have the right advice I decided to find out more about it. 


After I spoke to Mandy I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Mandy gave me a clear action plan and answered all my questions. I was given template letters for the disciplinary meeting which saved me a lot of time and worry. 


I now have peace of mind, which is invaluable and my issue is resolved. So by the end it wasn't a cost, it was actually a bargain. I would highly recommend this service to any small business owner.


Lee Wood

Sound Publishing



Choose from a single hour, or a block of hours, which can be used anytime within 12-months, from the date of purchase. 

1 hour




Plus VAT

Valid for 12-months from purchase date

Time managed in 15-minute increments

3 hours

Save 20%


Plus VAT

Valid for 12-months from purchase date

Spread over multiple calls in 15 minute increments

7 hours

Save 40%


Plus VAT

Valid for 12-months from purchase date

Spread over multiple calls in 15 minute increments



Here are a few answers to the most common questions

What is this service?


What can we cover?


Who will I speak to?


How much will it cost?


What if I don't use the time I purchased?


Does the time I've purchased expire?


What if I need more time with you?


Are HR templates included in the price?


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